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2018 - 2019 Winners

Congratulations to all our participants in this year’s REFLECTIONS Program! The children created and displayed many original, imaginative, and outstanding interpretations of this year’s theme.

Behind the scenes are many dedicated PTA parents, teachers and community partners that have helped to make this wonderful opportunity possible for our children. We are grateful to all of the volunteers for unselfishly giving of their times and talents and continued support of this program.

This year, thousands of students participated in submitting entries to their local units. The entries that we received at the state level were truly outstanding. All of the children who participated are to be congratulated for their handiwork in Literature, Music Composition, Photography, Visual Arts, Film/Video Production and Dance Choreography. 

Judges this year were from various professions across the state. Some were from professional associations in their field of expertise and others from universities. We thank them for their caring, time and effort on behalf of the children of Ohio PTA.

Next year’s theme is “Look Within”

2018-19 Reflections Mary Kate McQuillen Primary Fishcreek Elementary PTA

May 14, 2018
0    966

2018-2019 Reflections Lauren Handschumacher Intermediate Lakeview Elementary PTA

May 14, 2018
0    808

2018-2019 Reflections - Karissa Mottice Middle School Memorial Middle School PTA

May 14, 2018
0    877

Ari Dutta - Ohio PTA Reflections - Award of Excellence - Middle School Lakeview PTA

May 15, 2018
0    826

Elan Pham - Ohio PTA Reflections - Award of Excellence - High School South Western Career Academy PTSA

May 15, 2018
0    784

Val Gonzalez - Ohio PTA Reflections Award of Excellence - Intermediate Bath Elementary PTA

May 15, 2018
0    785


May 15, 2018
0    745


May 15, 2018
0    801


May 15, 2018
0    689

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