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When you work with Ohio PTA, your company demonstrates its commitment to improving the life and education of every child.  As a sponsor of Ohio PTA your company aligns itself with a trusted organization.  Together Ohio PTA and your company can focus on content that brings resources to create meaningful partnership and alliance to further family engagement, improve student success, and share relevant resources.



Strategic alliances are formalized relationships between Ohio PTA and other non-profit organizations; whereas each organization receives reciprocal benefits, including negotiated opportunities to promote programs to each organizations members, content sharing and the development of co-branded resources.

Non-Profit alliances are informal relationships that share one of more public or program foci with Ohio PTA, characterized by a sharing of information, development of joint strategies to reach common goals, sharing resources such as publications, research, advocacy activities.  These alliances may be short term and/or informal relations that can function without a structure.  Each organization retains authority and keeps resources separate.

National PTA   Ohio School Board Association
Action for Health Kids   Ohio Education Association
Columbus Parent Magazine   Ohio Federation of Teachers
Ohio After School Network   Ohio Association of Elementary School  Administrators
Ohio Department of Education   Buckeye Association of School Administrators
Watch D.O.G.S.   Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators
Groundwork Ohio    

Take advantage of this opportunity to align with Ohio PTA to provide exclusive benefits (discounts) to our members statewide.  Companies must offer exclusive discounts or benefits to PTA members and PTA will receive a minimum guaranteed annual royalty.

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Companies may not choose to be part of the above but wish to advertise their programs and/or opportunities.   Non-dues revenue is any source of revenue not associated with member dues.  It is fundraising for charitable purposes.  Ohio PTA does not endorse any company. Ohio PTA is currently developing a Virtual Exhibitors page.  Please contact Sue Owen, office@ohiopta.org or 614-781-6344 for information on advertising in our newsletter, mailings, website or at convention and/or conferences.   





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